E.S.T.H.E.R. Single Mothers Outreach | Back To School 2016
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Back To School 2016

ESTHER Back To School 2016 F

Back To School 2016

ESTHER Back To School 2016 7

Imagine for one moment an auditorium filled with 450 women and children all gathered for one purpose. Our Back to school outreach “A Morning of Purpose, Taking God Back to School” was on July 23, 2016. Women throughout Central Florida came with their children to be encouraged and provided with supplies to begin school equipped for success. Two hours, one morning, 450 lives were changed. Hope was offered, backpacks filled with 13 different school supplies, food, and bibles were given away. Moms who walked in discouraged watched their children have fun, be uplifted and in return they were relieved and restored.



People from all walks of life came to serve and to be served. Over 95 volunteers helped to make this outreach happen. It began as the families entered Church in the Son, our host church, with our greeters who welcomed each guest with a smile and sometimes hugs! On they went to check-in where our registration agents made sure they received packets of information with community resources and that their pre- registered information was correct.

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Then it was on to the auditorium where balloon artists made balloons for the children. Prizes were given to 2 moms and 2 children. The prizes were 2 gift cards, a science calculator, and a HP notebook laptop computer!  After giving away prizes our speaker, Pastor Jeff Taylor, energized and rallied the attendees towards a great school year! Thanks to our sponsor Foundation 4Life who provided us with the backpacks and Fortify (a nutritional meal package) which were handed out, along with bibles from Gideon. As they departed outside, a group handed out grilled hot dogs, chips, and water that they made the families into sack lunches!

ESTHER Back To School 2016 3

ESTHER Back To School 2016 2

Two hours, one morning, 450 lives were impacted! Embracing a mom = HOPE for her children. E.S.T.H.E.R. single mothers outreach, changing generations!

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