E.S.T.H.E.R. Single Mothers Outreach | Mission * Vision * History
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Mission * Vision * History


Non-profit organization, dedicated to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of single mothers and their children by encouraging healthy relationships while providing a safe harbor for healing and restoration.


To bring COMPLETE wholeness to the hearts and minds of single mothers and their children.
We are founded by a core of beliefs to:
Encourage: to inspire with courage and confidence.
Strengthen: to make and grow stronger…
Teach: impart knowledge and skills to help learn as by example.
Help: to provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need.
Equip: to prepare intellectually.
Restore: to bring back to an original or former, more desirable condition.


In 2003, four women gathered in a home to pray for what would become E.S.T.H.E.R. single mothers outreach. The needs of single mothers in our church were surfacing and help was needed. By faith, we started our journey offering workshops every other month to encourage and teach the mothers in attendance. As we began to form relationships the reality of their needs became clear…resources, fellowship, spiritual support, food, clothing, car repairs, shelter…and the list goes on. We started a weekly bible study in 2004 which allowed the moms to receive encouragement through the Word and each other as well as a ministry for her children. The team of E.S.T.H.E.R. would meet every other week to pray for the families and how we could better serve them.  A storage unit was donated in Longwood which allowed us to receive clothing and household items. The generosity of many filled up the unit with bags and boxes to the point of overflow. Continuing to do whatever we could to assist the families that connected to us without an office, business phone, email…God did something that would change the course of E.S.T.H.E.R.’s future. In the summer of 2006, a business owner in Longwood contacted us and asked if the ministry could use an office space WITH A WAREHOUSE, PHONE, and ELECTRICITY. The answer was YES!!! January 1, 2007, the doors to the offices of E.S.T.H.E.R. opened. We have been blessed with FAITHFUL volunteers (some who have been with us since the beginning) that allow E.S.T.H.E.R. to fulfill God’s Word, “External worship that is pure and unblemished in the sight of God the Father is this: to visit and help and care for the orphans and the widows in their time of need and affliction…” James 1:27
At E.S.T.H.E.R. we see every mother as courageous and worthy of hope. Our focus is not on the why and how they arrived in their current situation…the focus is on today and how we can assist them through this season of life. The ministry has grown significantly over the years as we continue to add services and programs that help single mothers which extends HOPE to her children.